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 +====== Proper Termination for ASIs Autofocus Card ======
 +The Input Video IN of the Autofocus Card is terminated with a 10KΩ resister, as it expected to share the video signal coming from the camera with other devices like a monitor or video capture card, which usually have 50Ω or 75Ω termination in them. 
 +If the Autofocus card is the sole recipient of the video signal then proper termination has to be provided to avoid noise due to reflections and to maximize the power transfer. ​
 +===== 1) BNC Tee and BNC terminator =====
 +[{{ af_tn1.png?​direct |Figure 1: BNC Tee and BNC terminator}}]
 +For temporary experimentation a BNC Tee and a BNC 50Ω / 75Ω terminator could be used to see if the systems performance improves. ​
 +===== 2) SMD Components replacement =====
 +If the above BNC tee setup works out, carry out the following modifications of the autofocus board to make the change permanent. ​
 +  * Replace R12 series 75Ω resistor with a short
 +  * Replace R26 10KΩ resistor with 75Ω
 +[{{ af_tn2.png?​direct |Figure 2: Positions of the SMD resistors on the Autofocus board}}]
 +{{tag>​tech_note autofocus}}
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