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 +====== AV200 Flat Top Stage Installation ======
 +{{ av200_flattop_2_.jpg?​direct&​300 |}}
 +Remove System from packaging. ​ Remove the stage locking bolt and connect stage controller with the provided cable. ​ Connect the power brick to controller and turn on the system. Then, place the stage onto microscope stand.
 +{{ av200_flattop_3_.jpg?​direct&​300 |}}
 +The stage will be shipped in the center position allowing you to install the rear mounting screw located at the back of the stage in the center position. ​  
 +<WRAP center round important 60%>
 +DO NOT force the stage by hand to achieve the three distinct mounting positions.
 +{{ av200_flattop_4_.jpg?​direct&​300 |}}
 +With the controller powered on move the stage, using the controller joystick, to the right until the plate cut out is aligned over the microscope mounting screw hole position. ​  This will be near the rightmost position. ​ Install the second mounting screw.
 +{{ av200_flattop_1_.jpg?​direct&​300 |}}
 +Next move the stage, again with the controller joystick, to the left until the plate cut out is aligned over the microscope mounting screw hole position. ​ This will be near the leftmost position. ​ Install the third mounting screw.
 +{{tag>​xystage av200 zeiss flattop}}
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