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C-60 Slider Cover Instructions

These are the three parts that you should have received from ASI.

Start by removing old covers. First cover pulls off by hand, Second cover you will need 2 hex wrenches 2mm and a 2.5mm. Remove screws and save screws for reassembly.

M3 cap screw removal top of slider.
M4 cap screw removal bottom of slider.
Old vs New

Picture above shows old covers above made from aluminum and new covers below made from steel. Reinstall connector side cover and put screws back in paying attention to size. M3 goes on top and the M4 goes into the bottom. Next step install M4 delrin pin into place with 2mm hex wrench as shown below.

Screw should be securely tightened; keeping in mind that there is another m4 setscrew that holds tube lens or C-60 ring in place under new M4mm delrin pin. Now you need to put slider in position #1 manually as shown below.

The picture on the right is to shows the slider is in position one. “15mm from center of third bolt” The picture on the right shows index mark that indicates position one is correct for people that do have index mark.

Carefully take final left cover and insert in an angle as shown below.

Now after careful alignment press cover into place. This step will take some firm force.

The picture above shows a top view of cover installed correctly. Now reset your controller to let it know that the slider is in position 1 and ready to use.

For removing cover pull off in same angle that was used in aligning it.

For instructions on how to set the Slider position to 1 , refer to OBJECTIVE TURRET & SLIDER OPERATION

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