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 +====== Command:​AFINFO ======
 +--> MS2000 and RM2000 Syntax#
 +^Format ​ |AFINFO|
 +^ Minimum Firmware version Required |v8.7+|
 +--> Tiger Syntax#
 +^Format ​ |[Addr#​]AFINFO|
 +^Type |Card-Addressed|
 +^ Minimum Firmware version Required |v3.26+|
 +This command returns all the values of variables and constants that control Autofocus. It also returns maximum focus value found during last autofocus run, original location and location after frame offset was applied.
 +== Example ==
 +<asi> $ AFINFO
 +Best Focus:​587 ​
 +Position Preoffset: ​  ​0.0002 mm Afteroffset: ​ -0.0003 mm
 +Speed :  1   [AF X]
 +Travel:​0.025000 [AF Y]
 +Frame Offset:​3.500000 [AFC Y]
 +Hill Offset:70 [AF F]
 +Contrast:10 [AFC X]
 +Window Size X:98 Y:98 [AL X Y]
 +Zero ADJ X:50 Y:90 [AFADJ X Y]
 +ADC Gain:​0 ​ [AFADJ Z]
 +Related commands are shown inside square brackets, which you can use to change parameters, where applicable
 +Sometimes because of limited storage space a lite version of the command may be available. It will only displays Best Focus, Positions preoffset and afteroffset. ​
 +<​asi>​Best Focus:​587 ​
 +Position Preoffset: ​  ​0.0002 mm Afteroffset: ​ -0.0003 mm</​asi>​
 +{{tag>​commands ms2000 autofocus}}
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