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Command:AFLIM (AL)

Tiger Syntax
Shortcut AL
Format [Addr#]AL [X=Log_amp_AGC] [Y=LED_intesity_pot] [Z=in_focus_mm]
Type Card-Addressed
Remembered Using [Addr#]SS Z
MS2000 and RM2000 Syntax
Shortcut AL
Format AL [X=Log_amp_AGC] [Y=LED_intesity_pot] [Z=in_focus_mm]
Remembered Using SS Z

X and Y arguments of this command to directly read and write values (0 to 255) to the CRISP electronics digital potentiometers. (Not recommended for use with host software.)

The Z-argument specifies the focus precision (in millimeters) when the lock state changes from K or k to F. Useful for automatic checking of desired focus stability. Also useful to enforce a tighter or looser focus state before indicating a lock condition. Note that this value is overwritten whenever the NA of the objective is specified via the LR Y command as of November 2015.

For Video Autofocus
Shortcut AL
Format AL [X= x-axis highlight] [Y= y-axis highlight] [Z= safety limit enable]
Remembered Using SS Z

The X and Y values set the length and breadth of the Sampled/Highlighted Video area. Range is 0 to 100, with the value of 0 covering 0% of the video frame and 100 covering 90% of video frame.

The Z value enables or disables the 200 µm safety limit described in the AUTOFOCUS OPERATION section on page 4. Setting safety limit enable = 1 enables the safety limit; safety limit enable = 0 disables the safety feature. The default value is 1.

Caution: Disabling the safety limit could result in damage to your optics, your sample, or your focus drive.

AL X=80 Y=50 Z=1

Error indicates missing arguments

AL X=1000 Y=-12

Error indicates arguments out of range

AL X=90 Y=90

Error indicates operation failed, try entering one argument at a time

AL X? Y? Z?
:A X=80 Y=50 Z=1
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