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Command:BUILD (BU)

MS2000 or RM2000 syntax
Shortcut BU
Format BUILD [X]
Units none
Tiger syntax
Shortcut BU
Format [Addr#]BUILD [X]
Units none
Type Card-Addressed(defaults to COMM)

This command returns the firmware “Build” version. BU X shows various configuration options and build-modules that are present in the firmware.

Additional Feature on Tiger
Adding the card address is optional. If no address is given, then Tiger Comm replies. If an address is present, then the specified card replies.
Motor Axes: X Y A B C C 0 1
Axis Types: x x u u u u w w
Axis Addr: 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3
Hex Addr: 31 31 32 32 32 32 33 33
Axis Props:   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0

As no address was given, Tiger Comm replies. It replies with its build name, all axis names present in the system (axes will always be A-Z, filterwheels 0-9). For each axis the type is given (see table in section “Identifying Controller Configuration”) and the card address in both character and hex formats. Finally, an integer is given to indicate the presence of special properties or capabilities of the axis, such as CRISP auto-focus or RING BUFFER module for TTL positioning; these can be interpreted using the information below. This command is useful to quickly identify all the axes names and types present in the system.

Tiger Example
1bu x
Motor Axes: X Y 
Axis Types: x x 
Axis Addr: 1 1 
Hex Addr: 31 31
Axis Props:   0   0
BootLdr V:NONE

With an address 1 given, the specified card #1 replies. This reply just contains axis name and types present on the card. However it goes into more detail, printing all the firmware modules present on the card.

The values listed for axis properties are decimal integer representations of a binary code which represents any special properties of the axis. Usually these could also be identified by doing a BU X query of each card and interpreting the response, but they are listed separately on the axis property line for convenience.

MS2000 Example
STD_XYZ shows that the firmware build was for a Standard XYZ system
Motor Axes: X Y Z shows axis names for motor axes
Axis Types: x x z shows axis type for each of axis (see table below) (9.2c+)
CMDS: XYZFTR shows argument names pseudo-axis commands
BootLdr V:0 shows version of boot-loader program
Hdwr REV.E shows main-board hardware revision
LL COMMANDS list of optional firmware modules present
Axis Properties
Bit 0: CRISP auto-focus firmware
Bit 1: RING BUFFER firmware
Bit 2: SCAN firmware
Bit 3: ARRAY firmware or MM_TARGET firmware
Bit 4: SPIM firmware (v2.81+)
Bit 5: SINGLEAXIS and/or MULTIAXIS firmware (v2.81+)
Bit 6: LED illumination (v2.87+)
Bit 7: Reserved
2016/02/24 20:48 · asiadmin
Axis Type List
Axis Type Short Axis Type Long Description
x XYMotor XY stage
z ZMotor Z focus motor drive. LS50s, Z scopes etc
p Piezo Piezo Focus. ASIs ADEPT, Piezo DAC etc
o Tur Objective Turret
f Slider Filter Changer
t Theta Theta Stage
l Motor Generic linear motorized stage, TIRF, SISKIYOU etc
a PiezoL Generic linear piezo stage
m Zoom Zoom magnification motor axis
u MMirror Micro Mirror, Scanner 75 etc
w FW Filter Wheel
s Shutter Shutter
g Logic Programmable logic card
i LED card Multi LED Driver card
b Lens Tunable Lens
d DAC Digital to Analog converter(DAC)
u Unknown Unknown axis type
2016/02/24 20:48 · asiadmin
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