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 +====== Command:​CUSTOMB (CCB) ======
 +<WRAP center round info 60%>
 +Not implemented in Tiger except for programmable logic card, for that see [[:​tiger_programmable_logic_card|Tiger Programmable Logic Card (TGPLC)]] documentation and ignore this page.
 +^Shortcut ​ |CCB   ​| ​
 +^Format ​ |CCB Z=n |
 +^Units ​   |none|
 +^Remembered |Using SS Z |
 +Planar correction functions. \\
 +<wrap cmd> CCB Z=1 </​wrap>​ \\
 +<wrap cmd> CCB Z=2 </​wrap> ​ \\
 +<wrap cmd> CCB Z=3 </​wrap>​ \\
 +Store current xyz location values x1,​y1,​z1…x3,​y3,​z3 respectively.
 +<wrap cmd> CCB Z=4 </​wrap>​ Calculate coefficients for planar correction function, and enable planar correction. \\
 +<wrap cmd> CCB Z=5 </​wrap>​ Disable planar correction. \\
 +<wrap cmd> CCB Z=6 </​wrap>​ Displays actual corrected current Z position as long integer. \\
 +Note: ''​WHERE Z''​ displays the intended position of Z based on the most recently sent ''​MOVE'',''​ MOVEREL'',​ or ''​HERE''​ command.
 +''​CCB Z=7'' ​ Re-initialize to zero all Planar variables including x1,​y1,​z1…x3,​y3,​z3 and planar correction function coefficients. Disable planar correction.
 +== Example ==
 +For CCB Z=1 through CCB Z=6
 +<asi> $ CCB Z=n
 +$ CCB Z=6 
 +:A Z=12345</​asi>​
 +{{tag>​commands ms2000 planar }}
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