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 +====== Command:​LLADDR (LL) ======
 +^Shortcut ​ |LL| 
 +^Format ​ |LLADDR X=xaddr Y=yaddr Z=zaddr \\ LLADDR X? Y? Z? |
 +^Remembered |Using SS Z |
 +Sets the address of the axis used by the low level command set.  The default values are ''​X=24'',​ ''​Y=25'',​ and ''​Z=26''​. ​ Some systems require ''​X=1'',​ ''​Y=2'',​ and ''​Z=3''​. This setting can be saved in non-volatile memory using the ''​SAVESET''​ command.
 +{{tag>​commands lowlevel ms2000}}
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