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Command:MOVE (M)

MS2000 or RM2000 syntax
Shortcut M
Format MOVE [Axis]=[units 1/10 microns]…
Units 1/10 microns
Tiger syntax
Shortcut M
Format MOVE [Axis]=[units 1/10 microns]…
Units 1/10 microns
Type Axis-Specific

Move one or more axis motors to an absolute position. The unit of measurement is in tenths of microns. If no position is specified, 0 (the origin) is assumed.

For devices with CLOCKED POSITIONS (turrets and filter wheels), the position is an integer value between one and the number-of-positions.

A positive reply of :A is sent back when the command is received correctly. Reception of the reply does not mean the end of execution, and the command STATUS can be used to determine if the move has been completed.

M X=1234 Y=4321 Z

The controller will move the X-axis to position 123.4 microns from the origin using the maximum set speed (see SPEED). Simultaneously, it will move the Y-axis to position 432.1 microns, and the Z-axis to the zero (0) position.

During this movement, the Joystick and Encoder inputs will be locked-out and cannot alter the target positions entered. The motors will stop when they have reached their target or when their limit switch is encountered. To stop the motors during a serial MOVE command, use the HALT ( \ ) command.

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