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 +====== Command:​PEDAL (PD) ======
 +^Shortcut ​ |PD   ​| ​
 +^Format ​ |PEDAL [X=distance in mm] [Y=rate in mm/sec] [Z=multiplier] \\ PEDAL X? Y? Z?|
 +^Remembered |Using SS Z |
 +^ Hardware/​Firmware Required |Foot Pedal|
 +This command sets/​displays the dual-pedal footswitch controls for controllers with this feature. ​ The command is set up as follows: \\
 +X = Pedal Step Increment size, in millimeters. ​ \\
 +Y = Rate when pedal is held down, as an integer proportional to a speed in millimeters per second, \\
 +Z = an integer multiplier used when the pedal controls a zoom axis. \\
 +<WRAP center round important 60%>
 +Warning: ​ User must ensure that the Rate given in this command is not greater than the maximum speed of the axis being controlled by the pedals. ​ Entering an invalid value may result in unexpected errors and failures.
 +If there are no errors, a positive reply of  <wrap reply> :A </​wrap> ​ followed by the startup sequence.
 +== Example ==
 +<asi> $ PD X=0.02 Y=8 Z=5
 +$ PD X? Y?
 +:A X=0.02000 Y=8.00000</​asi>​
 +{{tag>​commands ms2000}}
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