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Command:SETLOW (SL)

MS2000 or RM2000 syntax
Shortcut SL
Format SETLOW [axis]=[position in mm]…
Units millimeter
Remembered Using SS Z
Tiger syntax
Shortcut SL
Format SETLOW [axis]=[position in mm]…
Units millimeter
Type Axis-Specific
Remembered Using [addr#]SS Z

This command sets/displays the lower firmware limit switch for an axis. The Limit positions are considered fixed hardware locations and are adjusted properly when the controller’s coordinate system is altered with the HERE or ZERO function. The Limit positions are automatically remembered and recalled through a power cycle and do not need to be saved using the SAVESET command.


If there are no errors, a positive reply of :A followed by the startup sequence. For the Z axis only, input values equal to or greater than the current SETUP parameter value are acknowledged by :A but ignored.

SL X=-50 Y=-50 Z?
:A Z=-110.000

In the above example, the lower limit for the X and Y axes have been set to 50 millimeters from the origin in the negative direction. Note that the Z? resulted in the controller returning the current position of the Z lower firmware limit switch.

Note 1: If this value is equal to or greater than the value for SETUP, then the controller will operate incorrectly. See also Note 2.
Note 2: When the direction of an axis is negative (see CCA Z=###), upper limit settings must be negative values, and lower limit settings must be positive values.
Note 3: For clocked devices (e.g. filter sliders, turrets) the lower limit is always 1.
Note 4: As of Tiger firmware v2.8, SL [axis]+ will set the lower limit to be the current position. Restore the default limit by executing SL [axis]-.

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