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Command:SPEED (S)

MS2000 or RM2000 syntax
Shortcut S
Format SPEED [axis]=[max speed in mm/sec]…
Units mm/sec
Remembered Using SS Z
Tiger syntax
Shortcut S
Format SPEED [axis]=[max speed in mm/sec]…
Units mm/sec
Type Axis-Specific
Remembered Using [addr#]SS Z

Sets the maximum speed at which the stage will move during a commanded move (e.g. using MOVE, MOVEREL, or the home joystick button; speed during joystick moves is separate and set using the JSSPD command). Speed is set in millimeters per second. Maximum speed is = 7.5 mm/s for standard 6.5 mm pitch leadscrews.


If there are no errors, a positive reply of :A is sent back.

s x? y?
:A X=5.745920 Y=5.745920
S X=1.23 Y=3.21 Z=0.2

In the example, the X-axis maximum speed is set to 1.23 mm/s, the Y-axis is set to 3.21 mm/s, and Z-axis is set to 0.2 mm/s.

Special use for MMIRROR_SLAVE on Micro-mirror card
On a Micromirror card with the MMIRROR_SLAVE define the SPEED command has a special meaning (it is otherwise unused with micro-mirror cards) starting in v3.18. It sets the scaling of the slave axis. The default scale is 0.5, meaning the electrical outputs corresponding to the invisible slaved axis will move half as far as the main axis.
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