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On Tiger with TGLED
Format [Addr#]WRDAC X=[1 to 100]
Units Percentage between 0 and 100
Type Card-Addressed
Remembered Using [Addr#]SS Z

This command is “recycled” for a slightly different use in TGLED than for other cards. In the context of a TGLED card this command is used to set the maximum around of current for all the LED channels.

The Maximum amount of current a TGLED Rev A card can output on each LED channel is 1.2Amps. When the X argument is set to 75, then maximum current each channel will output is reduced to 75% of 1.2Amps i.e. 0.9Amps.

This command can be used as a quick way to adjust the brightness of all LED channels. Default is 75%, ASI recommends not exceeding this limit.



Limits the maximum current output on each channel to 50% or 0.6Amps

X=50 :A

Queries the card for maximum current percentage.

On MS2000 and RM2000
Format WRDAC X=[0 to 10]
Units Voltage, 0 to 10V
Firmware Required 8.4f+

Lets the user set the voltage on header pin SV1-5 on WK2000 board. The voltage can be varied between 0 and 10 Volts, with an accuracy of 0.1V. Maximum Output drive current is 35mA. Input value in volts. Does not work with Piezo units.



Voltage on PIN SV1-5 is 1.1Volts


Parameter out of range

On Tiger with TGPMT
Format [Addr#]WRDAC X=[0 to 1000] Y=[1 to 1000]
Units integer, between 0 and 1000
Type Card-Addressed
Remembered Using [Addr#]SS Z

This command is “recycled” for a slightly different use on TGPMT card than for other cards . In the context of a TGPMT card this command is used to set the PMT's control voltage or gain. When set to 0 , PMT output signal drops to 0Volts , turning it off. When set to 1000 , 100% of control signal (1 Volts incase of H10722) is applied to the PMT.

X sets the gain for PMT0

Y sets the gain for PMT1

This function does the same function as the Dials on TGPMT cards faceplate.


7 wrdac x? y?
X=500.000000 Y=0.000000 :A

Queries the TGPMT card at Address 7 for PMT gain settings. PMT0 is at 50% gain , PMT1 is at 0% gain and so is off.

7wrdac x=505 

Sets the gain of PMT0 at 50.5% on TGPMT card at address 7

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