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 +====== Conix MS-4 Z-Axis Drive Installation ======
 +The open loop belt drive attaches to the coarse focus knob via the thumbscrews as shown in the photos below. ​ The fine focus knob pulley is attached to the fine focus knob as shown via the setscrews located on the fine focus knob pulley. ​ The belt is stretched between the two pulleys as shown and once in place the cover is installed. ​ The drive is connected to the controller via the connector on the rear of the drive.
 +[{{ conix_1.jpg?​direct&​300 |Click to Enlarge}}]
 +[{{ conix_2.jpg?​direct&​300 |Click to Enlarge}}]
 + ​  ​
 +[{{ conix_3.jpg?​direct&​300 |Click to Enlarge}}]
 +{{tag>​conix zdrive others}}
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