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 +====== Micro-Manager’s CRISP Control Plugin ======
 +===== Accessing the Plugin =====
 +The Plugin comes default in current versions Micro-Manager;​ if you don't have it in **Plugins** > **Beta**, update Micro-Manager to the [[https://​​wiki/​Micro-Manager_Nightly_Builds|latest nightly build]]. ​
 +[{{ ::​micromanager_crisp.gif?​direct |Fig. 1\\ **Access the Plugin window**\\ Micro-Manager Window > **Plugins** > **Beta** }}]
 +===== Plugin Controls Explained =====
 +[{{ ::​mm_crisp2.02marked.png?​400 |Fig. 2\\ **CRISP Plugin'​s control window**\\ The red rectangle indicates which axis the Plugin is controlling.}}]
 +=== Buttons ===
 +  * **1) IDLE**: turns off the IR LED and stops position adjustments
 +  * **2) LOG CAL**: puts the CRISP in Log Amp Calibration state and measures SNR
 +  * **3) DITHER**: causes CRISP to dither in order to measure the Error #
 +  * **4) SET GAIN**: puts the CRISP in Set Gain state
 +  * **Reset Offsets**: resets the focus offset to zero for the present position
 +  * **Lock**: sets the focal position
 +  * **Unlock**: unlocks the focal position
 +  * **Save**: saves the settings (for all of the spin boxes) onto the controller
 +=== Spin Boxes ===
 +  * **LED Intensity**:​ controls CRISP’s infrared (IR) LED from 0-100%
 +  * **Gain**: controls the gain multiplier or loop gain; decrease the value if CRISP seems to oscillate or jitter
 +  * **Avg**: the number of samples to be averaged
 +  * **Obj NA**: the objective’s numerical aperture
 +=== Check Box ===
 +  * **Polling**:​ directs the Plugin to poll or query the controller at frequent intervals for CRISP state, error number, and SNR; uncheck when done with the 4-step calibration
 +=== Reported Values ===
 +  * **CRISP State**: such as Idle, Calibrating,​ Ready, In Focus, etc.
 +  * **Error #**: during DITHER higher error values are better; after SET GAIN the Error # will be close to zero
 +  * **SNR**: (in decibels) should be at least 2 dB else CRISP performance may be unstable and lock will be lost easily; increasing LED intensity and performing the 4-step calibration again to increase the SNR
 +  * **AGC**: minimum of ~20 is acceptable for average samples; may be much higher for very reflective samples
 +  * **Sum**: indicates the amount of light hitting the photodiode; if outside 50-80, redo the 4-step calibration
 +  * **Offset**: the difference between the locked-in focal position and the current position
 +===== Quick Setup Guide =====
 +  * Start the 4-step calibration((Note that the 4-step calibration should always go through all 4 steps before re-starting;​ Log Amp Calibration has a countdown in the CRISP State display but otherwise you can quickly click through them to get back to the beginning.)) by clicking the **1) Idle** button. ​
 +  * Enter the objective’s NA (which affects the dither).
 +  * Click the **2) LOG CAL** button.
 +  * Check the SNR display. If <2 dB, click through the rest of the 4-step calibration,​ increase the LED Intensity, and begin the calibration again. If SNR is still low after the LED is at maximum intensity, proceed to the next step anyway.
 +  * Click the **3) DITHER Button**.
 +  * Check the Error #. It must be at least +/- 100; if it isn’t, move the Lateral Adjustment Screw. The farther from zero the error number, the stronger the lock.
 +  * Press the **4) Set Gain** button.
 +  * Press the **Lock** button to preserve the focal position. (Press the **Unlock** button to release CRISP'​s focus lock.)
 +  * If CRISP loses lock, repeat the calibration steps and try to get a higher error number after dithering.
 +[{{ ::​crisplateraladjknob.png?​300 |Fig. 3\\ **Lateral Adjustment Knob**\\ Used to increase error number during dither}}]
 +===== Additional Tips =====
 +If you would like CRISP to maintain focus at a certain position, but the error isn’t 0, use the **Reset Offsets** button to make your desired focal position have “0” error.
 +Further Reading
 +Refer to [[crisp_manual|CRISP : Continuous Autofocus System]] for a description of CRISP operation and troubleshooting guides.
 +{{tag>​crisp tech_note MicroManager Micro-Manager}}
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