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CRISP Ninja (Standalone CRISP GUI)

CRISP Ninja is an UI to interact with CRISP module in Tiger/TG-1000 and MS-2000 system. It can be downloaded from here

Using CRISP Ninja

1. RS232 Serial Comm port TG-1000 is connected to.

2. Baud Rate, always 115200 for TG-1000 systems.

3. Poll, is the polling delay. Leave it at 120ms. Too frequent polling may lead to system freezing.

4. Card Address of the CRISP axis. (leave blank for MS2000)

5. CRISP Axis character

6. If option 8 is check, this is the location where the logs are saved.

7. Start button, the application starts up and connects with TG-1000. Click again to stop.

8. When check saves the log of commands sent and replies received.

9. Puts the CRISP in idle state

10. Calibrates the Log amp

11. Puts the CRISP in Dither mode

12. Auto Adjusts the CRISP Gain

13. CRISP focus LOCK

14. CRISP focus UNLOCK

15. Status of the CRISP module, queried every X ms, X set by #3

16. Position of the CRISP axis, units 1/10 microns


18. Type and send serial commands. The application will automatically append Card Address( from #4) in front of the command.

19. Queries the controller for CRISP address and axis character automatically.

20. Sets CRISP IR led intensity 0 to 100

21. Current Objective NA. Effects dither distance.

22. CRISP error signal averaging.

23. Loop Gain, makes the crisp more or less responsive.

24. Lock range, crisp enters fail state if it moved beyond this range. Helpful in preventing crashes.

26. Set Offset, zeros the error signal, CRISP will attempt to keep current focus.

27. Clears the reply text box of all previous entries.

28. Open the default browser and brings it to this screen.

Address: 29391 W Enid Rd. Eugene, OR 97402, USA | Phone: +1 (541) 461-8181
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