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 [{{ ::​slider_line2.jpg?​direct&​300 | Index line marked }}] [{{ ::​slider_line2.jpg?​direct&​300 | Index line marked }}]
 +===== Adjusting the Nth position =====
 +On clocked devices (filter slider, turret etc) use the <wrap cmd> H [Axis char]+ </​wrap>​ (plus) operator to sets the spacing of the nth position. Example, On a 2 position objective slider, if the user wants to adjust the spacing of the 2nd objective so that it's better aligned to the optical path, they can adjust 2nd objectives position with a manual input device, then save it by issuing serial command H [Axis char] +. Only available on MS2000 version 9.2m and above, TG1000 version 3.28 and above.
 ===== Manual Control ===== ===== Manual Control =====
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