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 +====== Four-Axis Joystick and Wheel Operation ======
 +Precise manual control of micromanipulators,​ or other multi-axis instruments is possible with the MS-2000’s fine resolution joystick or command encoder wheel. ​ Depending upon the application or configuration,​ the user may wish to use the joystick or the command wheel as the manual input device for a particular axis.  ​
 +===== Manual Input Device Selection =====
 +Systems with four axes of controlled motion utilize the joystick and the command wheel to control selected axes.  The X/Y axes are controlled by the joystick. ​ The @ button on the controller toggles control between the remaining two axes to the command encoder wheel. ​
 +===== Manual Device Speed Control =====
 +The joystick has a two speed ranges. ​ Momentarily pressing the button on top of the joystick toggles between the fast and slow ranges. ​ To give further control, the speed of motion is proportional to the joystick deflection. ​ The maximum speed settings for the two joystick speed ranges, and the relative speed setting for the command wheel, are programmable by the user using the JSSPD command.  ​
 +The command encoder wheel also has two speed ranges. ​ The front panel rocker switch controls the fast and slow ranges.  ​
 +===== LCD Display =====
 +The axis controlled by the command wheel shows a ‘W’ in the status location on the LCD display. (Note: The axis status ‘B’-busy or ‘M’-motor will overwrite the ‘W’ if the axis is actively positioning.) ​ The speed range for the joystick is indicated by a lowercase ‘f’ or ‘s’ for the fast or slow speeds. ​ Similarly, for the axes controlled by the code wheel, the speed range is shown by an uppercase ‘F’ or ‘S’.
 +{{ lcd_display_joy1.png?​direct&​300 |}}
 +  * X&Y axes controlled by joystick (fast speed range)
 +  * Z-axis controlled by command wheel
 +  * Theta-axis not under manual control (fast speed range)
 +{{ lcd_display_joy2.png?​direct&​300 |}}
 +  * X&Y axes controlled by joystick (fast speed range)
 +  * Z-axis controlled by joystick
 +  * Theta-axis controlled by command wheel (slow speed range)
 +{{tag>​tech_note ms2000}}
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