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 +====== Micro-Manager and Filterwheel ======
 +This Technical note is to document the known issue when connecting micro-manager(MM) with ASI's filter wheel and work around for it. 
 +On Startup MicroManager does the following:
 +  * First MM does is to issue serial command <wrap cmd> VB 6 </​wrap>​ to set the controller in verbose mode 6, where <wrap reply> 0> </​wrap>​ or <wrap reply> 1> </​wrap>​ prompt isn't given.
 +  * Next it selects the filterwheel being added <wrap cmd> FW0 </​wrap>​ or <wrap cmd> FW1 </​wrap>​
 +  * Then queries the firmware version with <wrap cmd> VN </​wrap>​ command.
 +  * Next sets spin mode to 0 with <wrap cmd> SF0 </​wrap>​ command
 +  * Then queries the controller for number of filter positions with <wrap cmd> NF </​wrap>​ command
 +  * Next queries the spin mode again with <wrap cmd> SF </​wrap>​ to make sure spin mode is idle.
 +  * Then queries the status of the controller with busy command <wrap cmd> ? </​wrap>​. If the controller replies with <wrap reply> 0 </​wrap>​ indicating controller isn't busy, then MM issues <wrap cmd> MP 0 </​wrap>​ command to move wheel to position 0.
 +  * Often the reply to <wrap cmd> ? </​wrap>​ isn't as clean as a <wrap reply> 0 </​wrap>​. Then MM issues <wrap cmd> SF0 </​wrap>​ again , followed by Home <wrap cmd> HO </​wrap>​ command. Then it polls busy <wrap cmd> ? </​wrap>​ command every 20 millisec until it gets a <wrap reply> 0 </​wrap>​ as reply. Does it atleast a 100 times. If it never gets <wrap reply> 0 </​wrap>​ as a reply, then it gives up gives "​Filter wheel doesn'​t appear to be connected"​ error# 10030. ​
 +  * Some times Home <wrap cmd> HO </​wrap>​ command causes another error. <wrap cmd> HO </​wrap>​ command replies with an echo <wrap reply> HO </​wrap>​. Because of legacy this command isn't terminated and a time out is used by MM to wait for the reply to come. If the reply is delayed and the timer runs out and doesn'​t get the reply for <wrap cmd> HO </​wrap>​ , MM gives a "​Unrecognized serial answer from ASI device"​ error# 10009 instead. ​
 +  * __The fix__, on startup of controller, before connecting to MM , press the NEXT button a couple of times, this clear up any <wrap reply> 11 </​wrap>​ errors. So when MM queries with busy <wrap cmd> ? </​wrap>​ command, it gets the <wrap reply> 0 </​wrap>​ reply right away and it avoids the whole <wrap cmd> HO </​wrap>​ command issue. ​
 +{{tag>​fw1000 tech_note}}
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