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Installing the MS-2000 MS-4000 XY Stage onto an Upright Microscope

The procedure has three parts:

Removing the original stage.
Installing the MS-2000 MS-4000 XY stage on the microscope
Connecting the cables to the MS-2000 control unit

Part 1 – Remove the Original Stage

Before removing or installing the stage, the objectives should be removed from the nosepiece and stored in a safe and secure place until after the stage has been installed and aligned.

For Screw-Mounted Stages:

Remove the retaining bolts and carefully remove the original microscope stage assembly.

For Dovetail-Mounted Stages:

Loosen the thumbscrew located in the front of the microscope and just below the stage. Loosening this screw will allow the stage to be removed by slipping it off of the mating dovetail on the microscope.

Please refer to your microscope’s manual for any further information about removing the original stage.

Part 2 – Install the MS-4000 XY Stage on the Microscope

The MS-4000’s bottom plate has many mounting holes to fit various configurations. It may also be supplied with spacers or a male dovetail mounting ring.

For Screw-Mounted Stages:

Mount the stage with new screws supplied with the ASI stage. Beware that the mounting screws do not extend so far as to bind with the stage plates! We try to provide the correct length screws, however, individual microscopes may have their own peculiarities.

Slide the stage onto the microscope with the connector to the front, and the X-axis leadscrew to the front. Align the screw holes on the bottom of the stage with the holes located on the microscope. Secure the stage to the microscope with the supplied screws and an Allen wrench.

For Dovetail-Mounted Stages:

The stage with the dovetail ring attached mounts to the microscope in the same manner as the original stage removed in Part 1. After the dovetail ring “drops into place,” align the stage so that it is parallel to the rear of the base of the microscope. This is to insure that the X movement is perpendicular to the microscope. After aligning the stage, the front Allen-head retaining screw should be tightened to secure the stage to the microscope with the Allen wrench provided.

Part 3 – Connect the Cables to the MS-2000 Control Unit

The XY stage’s 6 ft. cable connects to the controller’s 25-pin female D connector. If included, the Z axis drive’s 6 ft. cable connects to the controller’s 15 pin male D connector. An RS232 cable can be connected to the controller’s 9-pin female Serial IN D connector, and to a serial communications port on a host computer. A USB cable can be connected to the USB B connector on the back of the controller, and to a USB A port on a host computer. Note that, to use USB communication, dipswitches 4 and 5 must be in the DOWN position. The cable from the power supply module is plugged into the 3 pin male circular connector on the back of the controller, and the module’s power cord connected to a proper power source.

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