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 +====== Joystick lubrication instructions ======
 +<WRAP center round info 60%>
 +Use only an approved ASI joystick lubrication,​ or a silicon based/​plastic safe one, on the joystick, other lubricants may soften the plastic parts of the joystick
 +Step 1: Clean the ball hub of the joystick with clean dry air and a cotton swab while moving the stick to its full range of motion in both X and Y.
 +[{{ lube_1.jpg?​direct&​300 |Click to Enlarge}}]
 +Step 2: Place a small amount, (appx. 2mm sq. volume), of the lubricant onto a cotton swab. Move the joystick to the far left and lubricate the exposed part of the ball with the swab. Repeat this process for the right, up, and down directions.
 +[{{ lube_2.jpg?​direct&​300 |Click to Enlarge}}]
 +Step 3: Move the joystick in every direction to spread the lubrication evenly and remove the excess lubricant with a tissue. The kit includes approximately enough lubricant to repeat the process ten times
 +This should amend any friction in the joystick system, however if it does not there may be some other issue with the joystick. In that instance contact Applied Scientific Instrumentation for more information or instructions on the joystick system.
 +{{tag>​ms2000 tech_note }}
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