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Leitz LaborLux D Microscope XY Stage Installation

This procedure steps you through the installation and alignment of the MC-XYZ xy stage onto the Laborlux-D microscope. The following tools are required for this procedure:

small slotted screwdriver 1.5mm hex wrench (provided) 3mm hex wrench (provided)

XY Stage Installation

The xy stage attaches to the microscope via an adapter ring that is mounted in place of the original xy stage. Installing the ASI adapter ring and stage involves steps:

Step 1 - Removing the condenser and condenser carrier

To remove the existing xy stage the condenser and condenser carrier must first be removed. Remove the condenser by loosening the silver condenser lock screw located on the lower left of the carrier assembly and pull the condenser straight out. (Please refer to the microscope manual if necessary). To remove the condenser carrier the two screws that secure it to the microscope must be removed. To gain access to these screws the condenser carrier must be lowered past its normal stop point. There is a small slotted head screw located on the back right corner of the carrier that must be loosened so the carrier can be lowered enough to gain access to the two 3mm allen head screws that secure the carrier to the microscope. Once the carrier is lowered use the 3mm hex wrench to remove the two allen head screws and remove the carrier from the microscope.

Step 2 - Removing the original xy stage

The original xy stage is secured to the microscope with three 3mm allen head screws. Use the 3mm hex wrench to remove these screws and remove the stage from the microscope.

Step 3 - Installing the ASI adapter ring assembly.

Install the ASI adapter ring onto the microscope using the same three mounting holes that the original xy stage used. However, be sure to use the shorter 4x8mm allen head screws that came with the adapter ring to secure it to the microscope.

Step 4 - Installing the xy stage

The xy stage slides over the adapter ring and is secured to the ring with the thumb screw located on the front of the stage. Insure that the stage is sitting flatly against the ring before tightening the thumb screw.

Step 6 - Reinstalling the condenser carrier and condenser

The installation of the condenser carrier and condenser is in reverse order of step #1.

Caution please make sure that the electronic/hall effect sensors are properly set as outlined in the MC-XYZ manual to limit the movement of the stage so that it can not be driven into the rear of the microscope or condenser.

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