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Mintron HDMI Color Camera Startup Settings

The Mintron HDMI camera is initially setup in an automatic mode that decides to use either the Color or Black & White mode based on how much light is available every time it is turned on. However the user may want to use only color at the startup. These instructions will guide you through the steps to change those settings.

The Menu controls for the camera are on the back and are described on page 3 of the camera specification sheet. The Power must be connected correctly to a 12V 1A regulated power supply, and the HDMI must be connected to a working HDMI monitor or display before beginning. See picture 1

Fig 1

First, familiarize yourself with the layout and orientation of the 5 button OSD-SW menu on the back of the camera. Note the OSD-SW “UP” is at the top next to the “OSD-SW” text. The OSD-SW “ENTER” is the center switch and the “DOWN”, “LEFT”, and “RIGHT” switches are in their respective places. See picture 2.

Fig 2

Second, setup the camera on your microscope to capture a color image and send it to a color monitor. When you have an image, (if it is black & white or color), press and hold the “ENTER” button 3 seconds to bring up the first luminance menu. See pictures 3 and 4 below.

Fig 3
Fig 4

Third, use the “RIGHT” button two times to go past the second luminance menu to the Color Menu. See pictures 5 and 6 below.

Fig 5
Fig 6

  Next, use the “UP” and “DOWN” buttons to select “COLOR MODE” from the menu, and press the “ENTER” to select this choice. Once you are on the “COLOR MODE” menu, (as seen below in picture 7), use the “UP” arrow once to move the selection arrow from “AUTO” to “ON” and press “ENTER” to select “ON”. The selection arrow should now be on the “ON”. Now the color mode is set to come on at startup.

Fig 7

Now, to get out of all of the option menus press the “RIGHT” button to get out of the “ON” selection and back to the “COLOR MODE” header. Then press the “DOWN” button to get to the “RETURN” header on the bottom of the “COLOR MODE” menu. Next, push the “ENTER” button to select returning to the previous menu.

You should now be on the “COLOR MENU” menu. Press the “DOWN” button five times to select the “EXIT” choice, see picture 8. Next, press the “ENTER” button to select exiting all the menus. You should now be out of all the menus and have a clear color screen again and at every startup.

Fig 8

If you have any problems selecting the camera menus, or connecting the camera or monitor to your system, please contact an ASI technician for further instructions.

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