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 +====== MPPI Kit ======
 +{{ ::​mkit_01.jpg?​500 |}}
 +[{{ ::​mkit_02.jpg?​300 |End of pipette holder has jaws for holding glass pipette. Do not over tighten end piece that tightens the jaws down or the pipette will break.}}]
 +[{{ ::​mkit_03.jpg?​300 |In order to get a good seal the pipette glass must go through the o-ring that is in the 2nd part of the pipette holder. The 2nd part of the pipette holder is tightened to compress the o-ring to make a seal around the glass pipette.}}]
 +{{ ::​mkit_04.jpg?​300 |}}
 +{{tag>​mppi manual}}
Address: 29391 W Enid Rd. Eugene, OR 97402, USA | Phone: +1 (541) 461-8181
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