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   *“Zero” button for setting “Home” position   *“Zero” button for setting “Home” position
   *Other functions including programmable positioning patterns and scans   *Other functions including programmable positioning patterns and scans
 +===== Notes =====
 +[{{ ::​ms8k_01.jpg?​300 |Stage with Wafer holder}}]
 +[{{ ::​ms8k_02.jpg?​300 |Stage with no insert}}]
 +The stage can be provided with a wafer holder that provides a vacuum chuck & a rotating base, or with no insert, as shown above. The stage will also accept a 232 x 257 x 5mm ( L x W x D ) insert that will allow it to sit flush with the top of the stage.
 +[{{ ::​ms8k_03.jpg?​500 |Four screws are used to attach wafer holder}}]
 +The wafer holder is held in place with four screws that are accessible via an access hole near the edge of the loader slot on the holder. To remove the wafer holder rotate the holder to the four positions noted above and remove the screws. Installation is in the reverse order.
 +{{ ::​ms8k_04.jpg?​300 |}}
 +[{{ ::​ms8k_05.jpg?​300 |Close up of shipping bracket to remove before use}}]
 +[{{ ::​ms8k_06.jpg?​300 |Location of one of four M6 clearance holes used for attaching stage to Nikon Optiphot 200.}}]
 {{tag>​xystage common ms8000}} {{tag>​xystage common ms8000}}
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