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 +====== Installing the Insert in the ASI MS-8000 Stage ======
 +Attention should be given to the secure installation of the insert into an MS-8000 stage to prevent its movement during operation. ​ Any accidental shifting of the insert during movement will adversely affect the stage’s repeatability properties.
 +Two setscrews in the side of the top plate hold the insert in place. ​ A 0.050” Allen wrench is provided to secure the setscrews. ​
 +[{{ ms8k_insert1.png?​direct&​300 |Insert’s setscrew access on right side of stage.}}]
 +[{{ ms8k_insert2.png?​direct&​300 |Insert’s setscrew access on rear of stage.}}]
 +{{tag>​xystage common ms8000}}
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