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Correct Installation of ASI MS-2000 Stage onto the Nikon TE2000 Microscope & Objective clearance issues

When Mounting the stage the two spacers must be used as shown in figure 1. The stage should be placed on the microscope with the connectors / cables coming out on the right hand side of the microscope as shown in figure 2. If the stage is mounted incorrectly as shown in figure 3, you will have clearance problems will all objectives. The stage must be mounted as shown in figure 2.

Figure 0
Figure 1. 12.75 mm stage spacers and 4ea. 5x25mm screws are required to mount the stage. On newer stages the spacers are attached to the stage.
Figure 2. Stage mounted correctly with connectors & cables on the right side
Figure 3. Stage mounted the WRONG WAY with the connectors & cables on the left side

With the stage mounted correctly you should have no problems with objective clearance issues unless you are working with microwell plates and have a 100x oil or other large / long objective in place. If you do have a large objective in place and are working with microwell plates you should insure that you are using an ASI slide insert P/N

SI-INV-MWD If you are using this insert it will minimize the objective clearance issues as outlined below.

Area where objective hits in red
In middle area of well plate objective clears
Objectives then the objective will hit the insert

If the stage is positioned so that the center of the well plate, or either of the middle two rows of the well plate are near the optical axis of the microscope you will not have a problem with the large objective hitting the stage or insert. However if you have the stage position in any of the four corners of the well plate, or in the first or last two rows, as shown in the red areas above, and try to move the objectives then the objective will hit the insert. If this happens simply reposition the stage so that you are in the middle area and then turn the objectives.

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