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Olympus BX63 Post Mount Stage Installation

Please excuse the editing, this document is still being drafted.

Must use non-indented top plate with MS9400.

Also must add quantity of 2/ea 0.020 inch spacers to stage posts and back mount. With these spacers, focal point of slide in I-9408B insert is at 18719.04 from top travel. Complete travel range is to 20000. Large condenser can also be focused with this insert.

With 4400 stage and dovetail mount

Slide sits too low to focus

Condenser hits standard leadscrew coupler, need to use side mount coupler

With S-4016 insert that sets slide flush with top of stage, focus is at 15029 so you still have 470um of downward travel, Kohler is still way out

You can get Kohler if you space up the lens by 7mm with tube spacers as shown in photos 3/12

Can get Kohler and focus at 18874 without adapters with I-4013 insert

BX63 PZU with Ring Mount

I-4012 insert focus at 17,072 would need to space up top lens approx. 3-5mm to get Kohler. If you unscrew the top lens all the way and just set it on the holder you can get Kohler

PZU Post Mount

I-4012 insert focuses at 19042 without brass/shim stock spacers Kohler is obtainable

With 0.040 spacers at 3 points and I-4012 Kohler is still obtainable and focus is at 18023

4400 with recessed top plate and 0.040 spacers on post mount with:

  • I-4012 doesn’t work, stis way too low to focus
  • I-4013 focus at 19816 can get Kohler
  • I-4016 focus at 15982 cannot get Kohler, need to space up condenser lens approx. 1mm to 2mm. Spacer shown in photos is too tall to allow the lens to be screwed back on.
BX63 with post mounts for stage
ASI BX63 post mount kit
ASI BX63 post mount kit with:
  • Qty 1 M5 x 12 mm socket head cap screw
  • Qty 3 M3 x 16 mm socket head cap screw
  • Qty 4 M3 x 8 mm Flat head screws
  • Qty 2 ASI Adapters BX6302
  • Qty 4 brass shims ID 0.50” OD 0.75” Thick 0.020”
  • Qty 4 brass shims ID 3/8” x 1/4” Thick 0.020”
Use 2.5 mm wrench to remove Olympus adapters.

Brass spacers used

In most applications leave Olympus spacers on post and add two .02 inch spacers as shown to raise stage up a total of 0.04 inches i.e. 0.5 mm

Use smaller spacers at rear of stage mount as shown in photo at left.

After installing spacers as shown mount ASI adapters on to posts as shown in the photos below

ASI adapters mounted onto posts & ready for stage to be installed

Objective nose piece can be removed as shown in photos below to aid in stage installation

The photos above show the location of where the screws that mount the stage to the adapter plates go

The photos below show the stage being mounted to the adapter plate with the four 3 x 16mm screws

Location of rear stage mounting screw that uses the 5 x 12mm cap screw

Installation of condenser spacing ring to raise up condenser lens for Kohler illumination if needed. Ring specifications:

  • OD 25.4 mm
  • ID 23.9 mm
  • Thickness 2.0 mm
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