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Olympus SZ61 to VTS-2000 Installation Note

Your system was configured as close to finished as possible, however because we did not have the actual microscope to work with the Z axis will have to be assembled to the microscope head.

First, locate the LS-50 Linear Positioner for the Z-Axis, the mounting adapter plate, and the bag with the mounting screws, (7 total). See the adapter plate at right.

Second, remove the microscope head from the ring mount and screw the ring mount to the adapter plate with the provided three screws.

Third, connect the power and Z-Axis LS-50 control cable to the controller, and connect the LS-50 Positioner to the Z-Axis LS-50 control cable. Test the motion of the Positioner by turning the knob and observing the lead screw nut is moving in both directions. See the controller and LS-50 at right.

Fourth, move the LS-50 by the controller to the upper position to expose the first two mounting holes. Attach the microscope ring mount and adapter plate to the LS-50 with the provided screws.

Fifth, move the LS-50 to the lower position to expose the last two mounting holes. Attach the microscope ring mount and adapter plate to the LS-50 with the last two provided screws.

Sixth, mount the dove tail onto the VTS and tighten the lock knob. Note: the dove tail has a gib that can fall out. Next, replace the microscope head to the ring mount and tighten the ring mount head knob. You can now continue to mount the stage, cables and accessories to the VTS.

If you have any problems installing the linear positioned contact ASI for further instructions on the installation procedure so that the system doesn’t get damaged.

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