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RING BUFFER Multi-Point Save/Move

Often there is a need to mark several positions to later revisit. The RING BUFFER module enables a buffer with up to 50 locations that the user can load with position information and then visit sequentially. Many firmwares can be built to allow 250 positions; contact ASI if you require this.

Using controller buttons to manipulate the RING BUFFER

The easiest way to use the ring buffer is to save positions and revisit them using the buttons on the controller. The default button functions are listed below. In some cases, additional firmware modules may preempt these button functions. Contact ASI if you have questions.

Button functions are assigned with the Command:BCUSTOM command.

Save locations using the Joystick Button

The current stage position can be saved to the buffer by depressing the button on top of the joystick and holding it for one to three seconds. (A short tap of the button toggles the joystick speed) You can move to the next position of interest and again save the position in the buffer by holding down the joystick button. Continue this procedure to save all positions of interest.

Revisit locations using the @ Button

Save locations can be revisited by pressing the @ button briefly. Each press of the @ button causes the stage to advances to the next position. When you reach the last position, the next press of the @ button will take you back to the first position.

Clear the buffer with the HOME Button

Holding the HOME button down for longer than one second will clear all the stored positions in the ring buffer.

Using serial commands to load the buffer and control automated moves

The ring buffer may be preloaded with values via the serial command LOAD. Serial commands can also be used to advance to the next position as well as to control which axes will be affected by the move commands. See LOAD, RBMODE, and TTL commands for details. Contact ASI for details.

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