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 +====== TG-1000 Phototargeting ======
 +The ASI scanner can be used as a photo-targeting device, for example for FRAP, photo-uncaging,​ optogenetic stimulation,​ etc.
 +A special firmware module ''​MM_TARGET''​ for the micro-mirror card exists for this application. ​ The vast majority of commands are the same, but differences and special functions are outlined here.  The ''​MM_TARGET''​ module is reported in the list of firmware modules by the [[commands:​build|[Addr#​]BU X command]] and also ''​Bit#​3''​ of the axis property as reported by the comm card’s response to ''​BU X''​.
 +The laser trigger signal is provided on the TTL output; this is different from the SPIM firmware which uses two backplane lines. ​ The characteristics of the TTL signal are controlled by the RT command consistent with other firmware builds. The TTL output mode is set using [[commands:​ttl|TTL Y]].  ''​TTL output mode 11''​ has been added for phototargeting and the laser trigger signal will not behave as described below unless it is set properly (by default for''​ MM_TARGET''​ builds it is set to 11).  The laser can be turned on indefinitely by setting the TTL output mode to 1.
 +Triggering the ring buffer can be controlled using the TTL input as usual (not yet tested)
 +We adapt the [[commands:​aij|AIJ command]] originally from the ARRAY firmware module for the ''​MM_TARGET''​ module. ​ Thus these two firmware modules are mutually exclusive and should used together. ​ The same axis property bit (Bit3) is set high when the ''​MM_TARGET''​ module is present as when the ''​ARRAY''​ module is present. (It is a safe assumption for the foreseeable future that the ''​ARRAY''​ firmware will not be used on a micro-mirror card, so if Bit3 of the axis property is set and the axis type code is ‘u’ then the ''​MM_TARGET''​ module is present.)
 +===== TG-1000 Command Set for Phototargeting with Micro-mirror cards =====
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 +{{tag>​manual tiger}}
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