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 +====== Two-axis Control with Command Knob ======
 +More than one axis can be controlled with the command knob on the controller. ​ Commonly, this is because in addition to a mechanical Z-axis drive, there may also be a Piezo-Z system or a Zoom axis configured in the controller.  ​
 +The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen shows the current position coordinates of the axes with status information displayed to the right. ​ The W character shows which axis is controlled by the command wheel.
 +{{ twoaxis_lcd1.png?​direct&​300 |}}
 +The front rocker switch that engages the Z-drive clutch is also used to switch the axis controlled by the command knob.  The LCD screen illustrated above shows the mechanical Z-drive clutch disengaged, and the command knob controlling the F-axis. ​ Switching the rocker switch to the other position shows:
 +{{ twoaxis_lcd2.png?​direct&​300 |}}
 +Where now the Z-drive is engaged and under control by the control knob.  ​
 +{{tag>​ms2000 tech_note}}
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