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DCMS Instruction Manual

The DCMS is a Photo-port Beam Splitter that accepts either Dichroics or Mirrors in the Standard Mirror Plate Dimensions of 36 x 25.5 x 1.1mm, with Filter Dimensions of 25 x 3.7mm (round).

The cube disassembles into two halves by the removal of the four 2.5mm retaining cap head screws. And the two C-Mount filter holders are removed or adjusted for rotation by the three 1.5mm cone tip set screws located around each mount.

The DCMS has a built in 30mm Zeiss Photo-port, but can mounts many different ASI Photo-ports depending on the microscopes photo port requirements and the temperature required of the mount. Contact an ASI representative or see the ASI catalog for the Port adapter that is appropriate for your situation. Most of these will attach with three set screws on the sides.

The remaining two C-Mount ports are simple threaded mounts that can be either spun tight on to a camera or other focus device then adjusted for rotational angle by loosening the set screws that hold it, or the C-Mounts can be removed from the cube, spun on to the camera or CRISP units or Quadrature PMTs, and then both placed into the DCMS at the angle desired and then the set screws are tightened.

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