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The MPPI-3 Milli Pulse Pressure Injector, has been designed and tested to provide years of reliable service.

In order to insure that the unit operates as designed. use only nitrogen or clean dry compressed air as the pressure source.

The design of the MPPI-3 requires little maintenance on the part of the user. In fact, there are only two areas that the user needs to be aware. The first is to periodically check for moisture and other contaminants in the pressure source. The internal in-line filter that protrudes from the back of the unit has a small needle valve located on the bottom. This valve should be depressed periodically to check for moisture from the pressure source. If excessive moisture is noted, the pressure source should be changed. In the event that the filter becomes degraded or plugged, contact ASI for a replacement.

The second area of maintenance that the user should be aware is the replacement of the fuse. In the event that the MPPI-3 fails to turn on, the line fuse located inside the MPPI should be checked. If the fuse is blown, an exact replacement needs to be used. The MPPI-3 uses a 250mA fast-blow fuse. If the fuse blows again after replacement, please contact ASI for instructions on returning the unit for repair.

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